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Birth Injury Guide is a comprehensive informational website on all types of birth injuries. Our goal is to provide helpful information and guidance to parents if their child was born with a birth injury.

CapGrow Partners can help organizations provide safe and appropriate housing for the individuals they serve.  By assuming all of the real estate-related responsibilities and financial risk associated with acquiring community-based homes, we enable organizations to focus greater time and energy on continuing to improve the lives of those they support.

The Arc of Laramie County is a local organization, which, in conjunction with The Arc of Wyoming and The Arc of the United States, is an organization of and for people with intellectual disabilities, and their families.

The Arc is the largest voluntary organization in the United States devoted solely to working on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. As they have for half a century, The Arc’s members work throughout the nation to ensure that people with intellectual disabilities have the support and services they need; are accepted in their communities; and have maximum control of their own lives. The Arc also fosters research and education regarding the prevention of intellectual disabilities in infants and young children.

Arkansas Le Marr
Executive Director of The Arc of Laramie County
1302 Crook Ave
Cheyenne WY 82001

PO Box 1812
Cheyenne WY 82003
Phone: (307) 632-1209
E-mail: arcoflc@gmail.com
Website: arcoflaramiecounty.com
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